Yu Huang Dian Yu Hai Tang Guan Yin Tang 玉皇殿玉海棠观音堂九皇菩萨庆典 2017 [English Version]

3. Receiving the Nine Emperors

On the day of receiving (the last day of the eighth lunar month), the temple committee members arrived at the temple early to do the necessary preparations. The temple had also hired Xin Xin Rong He Chaozhou Opera Singing Troupe (新新荣和潮州戏曲班) to perform during the celebrations of the Nine Emperor Bodhisattva festival.  The opera troupe sang daily from 12 noon to 2pm and from 7pm to 10.30pm for a period of 10 days, until the 9th day of the 9th lunar month, the day to send off the Nine Emperor Bodhisattvas.  

As evening came, devotees had started streaming into the temple.  Many headed to the Dou Mu altar and the front of the Nine Emperors chamber to pray and seek blessings.

Soon after, the lion and dragon dance teams from Shi Cheng Jin Yong Dragon And Lion Dance Centre (狮城劲勇龙狮院) arrived at the temple. A temple committee member used the dragon whip to clear the way for the entrance of the lions. They proceeded to the different altars to pay respects to the deities in the temple.  The performance ended with the lion dancers doing a Cai Qing (采青) performance in front of the NIne Emperors chamber.


Mr. Tan held the dragon staff over the urn and prayed before leaving for East Coast Park.

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