Hong San Temple 凤山宫 2017 [English Version]

Visit by Nanbei Doumugong and Taiwan Mazu (19th October 2017)


Nanbei Doumugong visited Hong San Temple in the afternoon of 19th October 2017. It was more of a diplomatic trip to maintain healthy relations between the two temples, primarily because Nanbei Doumugong had obtained its ‘joss ash’ from Hong San Temple when it first started organizing the festival a year ago.


Mazu did not leave the truck, but stayed outside. Meanwhile, the Hong San Temple committee greeted the Nanbei Doumugong representatives.


The Nanbei Doumugong representatives then departed with incense ashes and joss sticks from Hong San Temple.

The Consecration of the Bridge of Blessing and Prosperity (30th day of 8th lunar month, 19th October 2017)


The Bridge of Blessing and Prosperity, which devotees can cross for prosperity and blessings.  They will also receive a stamp from a seal on their back, which represents one having been blessed.


The consecration of the bridge should have performed at 11PM that night. As Hong San Committee members were also embarking on their trip to Ampang Nan Tian Temple 南天宫 to invite incense, the consecration was brought forward. The priest performed the opening of the bridge by summoning the celestial generals and soldiers to protect the site then led the members to cross the bridge and being chopped on their backs blessing them on their Ampang trip.

Trip to Nantian Temple, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur (20st October 2017)


Upon reaching Ampang, everyone walked barefooted upon arrival. Hong San Committee members were welcomed by other the Nantian Temple Committee outside.


Everyone from Hong San Temple went into the main prayer hall to do a mass prayer. The prayer was led by a Hong San Temple elder.


The Lor Zhu then stepped forward and knelt in front of the inner chamber. He offered incense and candles to the Nine Emperor Gods. The Nan Tian Gong Temple Committee members brought the incense and candles into the Inner Chamber and returned with a basket with incense from within.


Hong San Temple members lined up to receive the tea from a small praying cup from the Nine Emperor Gods. Thereafter, cloth amulet was distributed to them.


Lastly, the Hong San Temple were treated to a vegetarian feast by Nan Tian Gong Temple. The Hong San Temple committee members then headed back to Singapore.

Jia Zhui Kang Kew Ong Yah Temple Yew Keng (23rd October 2017)


Followers and floats from Jia Zhui Kang Kew Ong Yah Temple and arriving at Hong San Temple.


The Lion Troops performed first, and paid their respects to the deities in Hong San Temple.


As the Jia Zhui Kang Kew Ong Yah Temple committee arrived, their entourage, led by banners and a vanguard, was greeted by the Hong San Temple committee members.


The man (Left) cracked his whip thrice. Following that, the Jiazhuikang Kew Ong Yah Temple committee, with their Lor Zhu, proceeded to pay respects to the Nine Lamps.


They then proceeded up to pay their respects to the Jade Emperor

As this was happening, three sedan chairs proceeded into HSK and paid respects to the Nine Emperor Gods. They then moved to pay respects to the Nine Lamps. Interestingly, the first 2 Sedan Chairs were open but the last Sedan Chair was fully covered up. The last sedan chair also did the extra step of proceeding to pay respects to the HSK sedan chairs. (Refer to video, DSCN8093)


Representatives from Jia Zhui Kang Kew Ong Yah Temple paying respect to the Nine Emperor Gods in Hong San Temple at the Main Prayer Hall


Formalities and incense were exchanged


The end of the Hong San Keong visit and proceeded to the next temple.

Chanting Session by Koo Chye Ba Sheng Hong Temple San Qing Gong –organized by the Singapore Taoist Federation (23rd October 2017)


The Taoist priests arrived in the buses, along with the vehicle above.


The Taoist Federation arranged for the priests to come to Hong San Temple to bless the temple. This is done every year.


The chanting session was like an orchestra. The priests dressed in red sang the chants, while the ones in White played Chinese musical instruments. The lyrics were in accordance to the Taoist ritual compilation Quan Zhen Jiu Huang Chao Ke edited by Master Huang Xin Cheng.


The Hong San Temple’s main Lor Zhu was involved in parts of the ritual. He represented Hong San Temple during this ritual, and received blessings on behalf of the temple.


The session lasted an hour, and the 3 priests leading the way (2 golden robe, 1 red robe) had 2 ‘assistants’ (in black). The HSK Lor Zhu prayed behind the 3 leading priests.

Visit by Hougang Tou Mu Kung (23rd October 2017)

Many devotees arrived in Hong San Temple around 2100H, anticipating the arrival of Hougang Tou Mu Kung as part of their yew keng.


Hougang Tou Mu Kung’s entrance included a motorcycle contingent of Certis Cisco officers. Floats followed behind


A military band formed part of the entire contingent of the Yew Keng


Lion and dragon dancers arrived on scene


More floats, and the 5 Generals (on stilts)


Two Hougang Tou Mu Kung palanquins came. They proceeded to the main entrance to pay respects to the Nine Emperor Gods, then the Nine Lamps, and back to the main entrance. They then did a motion of 一拜,二拜,三拜, before proceeded up the stairs.

Due to the crowd, the Hougang Tou Mu Kung committee members did not enter into Hong San Temple’s Main Prayer Hall. Instead, the Sedan Chairs waited at the steps. A temple elder placed lit joss sticks into the Sedan Chairs. Thereafter, both Sedan Chairs proceeded down and left Hong San Temple.

Shin Sen Keng Temple Visit (23rd October 2017)

Members of Shin Sen Keng proceeded down their buses and formed a line. The main committee members carrying the incense urn and other ritual objects were preceded by a drum and gong team 金鼓队, playing drums, cymbals, and gongs, and a person leading using 2 clapper blocks.  The whole contingent was led by a vanguard 先锋, who carried a magic whip 法索.  At the entrance to the temple, he cracked whip three times times in each of the cardinal directions, before cracking it five times in the centre, to clear the way for the entrance of the visiting contingent.  They paid respects first at the Nine lamps, before going into the main prayer hall where they paid their respects to the Nine Emperor Gods and exchanged incense.


Shin Sen Keng representatives paid their respects to the Nine Emperor Gods and the Nine Lamps. Meanwhile, music continued to play. In the main hall, the Shin Sen Keng contingent kowtowed 3 times and paid their respects.


The Shin Sen Keng with their drums and gongs showing their respects by kowtowing 3 times.

The Shin Sen Keng committee members then exited the main prayer hall and proceeded down the steps.  The head of the temple handed the two flags he was carrying to the vanguard. A performance called Chow Yah took place, to which was a martial display representing the five camps. Thereafter, the Shin Sen Keng contingent said their goodbyes to their friends from Hong San Temple.

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