Shen Xian Gong 神仙宫 2017 [中文版]



Family members and friends of devotees were invited to enjoy a sumptuous dinner together with the temple assistants.


Another component of the dinner was the auction of various auspicious items and gifts.


The items up for auctions include wine, talisman, rice bucket, rice packs and many other auspicious items.


While the guests enjoy the dinner, members of the temple were busy facilitating the auction by looking out for buyers who wish to bid for the items.


Group photo of temple members and guests after the dinner.


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神仙宫庙九皇爷宫2017小组编撰(Lim Chun Hong, Chew Si Hui, Tan Simin, Tan Jia Xin, Tan Jia Hui, Tejala Rao, Jaclyn Chong, Ji Yiwen, Rohini Naikar, led by LIn Chia Tsun)
Special thanks to the Shen Xian Gong committee for allowing us to do the documentation and for their assistance and advice.


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