Long Nan Dian 龙南殿 2017 [English Version]

Buddhist Prayer Session on the 7th (初七)

This day is reserved for the Buddhist prayer session conducted by Thai Buddhist monks from the neighbouring Ubin Thai Buddhist Temple.


Fig. 176: Thai Buddhist monks from the neighbouring Ubin Thai Buddhist Temple reciting their sutras in Pali.

Fireworks Display on the 8th (初八)

A fireworks display was held on the 8th. On this day, Ang Mo Kio GRC Member of Parliament (MP) Mr Gan Thiam Poh graced this joyous occasion.


Fig. 177: Mr Gan Thiam Poh (2nd from left), Mr Tiong (3rd from left), Chairman of Long Nan Dian Mr Lee Fasheng (李发生) and other VIPs posing for a group photo on the raised stage for them to have a better view of the fireworks.


Fig. 178: The old and young come together.


Fig. 179: The fireworks lasted about 5 minutes.


Fig. 180: There was also a lion dance performance.


Fig. 181: A performer puts aside her camera and poses for the photographer as the temple helper beside her chuckles.

Sending off on the 9th (初九)

This was the day Long Nan Dian sent off the Nine Emperor Gods. Rituals and events included walking around the temple space thrice (绕坛三圈), an LED light dragon performance, another fireworks display and the actual send-off at ECP.

At the same time at the beach, preparations were being carried out, such as the setting up of the dragon ships.image182.jpg

Fig. 182: Temple helpers at ECP setting up the boats along the shoreline.


Fig. 183: Back in Long Nan Dian, stage performers wait along with the other devotees amid the thick smoke for the rituals to commence.


Fig. 184: The priests (in orange robes) lead the devotees out of the festival tent to the temple building, then the Nine lamps, then cut across the grass field past the incense burner onto the pavement, then along the pavement leading back to the tent.


Fig. 185: The congregation pays respect to the Nine Emperor Gods in front of the Nine Emperor Gods altar after gathering back from walking around the space thrice.


Fig. 186: The temple helper (2nd from left) collects the joss sticks from the devotees to put into the large cauldron in front of the Nine Emperor Gods altar.


Fig. 187: The devotees and temple helpers gather around and leave an aisle for the Guests-of-Honour (GOH) to reach the Nine Emperor Gods altar.


Fig. 188: The temple helpers amuse themselves by streaming the event via Facebook Live as they await the arrival of the GOH.


Fig. 189: The GOH, MP for Sengkang West SMC Mr Lam Pin Min (from right) , Minister for Transport Mr Khaw Boon Wan and MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC Mr Gan Thiam Poh lead the congregation in paying of respects to the Nine Emperor Gods.


Fig. 190: The GOH then leaves for a tour of the festival space, posing for photos along the way as Mr Khaw is shown doing here.


Fig. 191: The table set for the GOH.


Fig. 192: Mr Khaw interacts with the stage performers.image193.jpg

Fig. 193: Mr Khaw handing out red packets to lucky guests who were seated near the GOHs’ table.


Fig. 194: Mr Lam takes a selfie with 2 guests.


Fig. 195: Mr Gan motioning for his entourage to sit down.

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