Jiu Huang Dian 九皇殿 2017 [English Version]

Other event

Yu Feng Lion Dance troupe (云封舞狮团) 采青 performs in front of the gods to bring good luck to the temples and devotees

Yu Feng Lion Dance troupe (云封舞狮团) 采青 performs in front of the gods to bring good luck to the temples and devotees

The temple has its own pendants laid out for devotees to purchase

Other highlights include lion dance performances, the sale of paper offerings and the enquiring of fortune. Devotees would also inquire about their fortunes for the year and ask for advice. Some would then write their wishes on the yellow papers and paste them on the dragon boat. To send off their wishes to the gods in the celestial realm.

Prayer visits

九皇殿visits other temples during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival and some return visits from these temple

Other than keeping a vegetarian diet and praying for the blessings of the Gods, temples also go about making prayer visits to other temples. This is pay respect to the Gods in these temples and also to build friendship with other temple members.

Sending off the Nine Emperor Gods

The last day of the festival is a huge event for the temple where, it is packed with many celebratory activities.

image076.jpgTemple members getting ready to send off and head to Changi beach

To celebrate the sending off of the Nine Emperor Gods, there are lion dance performances and the Third Lotus Prince Ne Zha gracing the event.

image078.jpgThird lotus prince Nezha dancing around as the festival peaks at a new high level

Ne Zha, Nine Emperor Gods and the animals from Chinese zodiac adorned in colourful costumes arrived at the Nine Emperor Gods festival to pray to the gods. Celebratory dances were also performed bringing smiles and laughter to the audience and entertaining passerby around the area.


Temple members getting ready to send off

As the festive spirits linger in the air, the task to send off the Nine Emperor Gods is on high priority. Temple members gathered for a group photograph, before they got ready industriously for the sending off. At around 7pm on the ninth day, the procession to send off the Nine Emperor Gods starts.

image082.jpgThe procession goes onto the street before the devotees board the lorries for Changi Beach


The parading of the procession on the streets is accompanied by loud clanging of the gongs and the rocking of the sedan chairs. According to a temple member, the rocking of the sedan chair is a tough process yet somehow they feel there is an energy helping them to achieve the right momentum.

The last ritual

Priest conducting the last prayers before sending off the Nine Emperor Gods

Temple member carries the incense urn and approaches the sea kneeling

At the beach, the priest leads the group of devotees in the chanting of prayers. Once the prayers were completed, it is time to send off the gods . Temple members launch the boat into the sea and set it on fire. Following which, the urn was also carried into the sea to send off the spirits of the gods.

image090.jpgGetting ready to carry the dragon boat into the sea

The dragon boat drifts further into the sea marking the end of nine day sojourn of the Nine Emperor Gods on earth.

Nine Emperor Gods Banquet

image092.jpgAn auction (background of picture) is held during the banquet.

image094.jpgGuest-of-honour Ms Grace Fu (Minister for Culture, Community and Youth) attends the banquet.

image096.jpgAuctioning of items.

The items to be auctioned

On the tenth day of the ninth lunar month, there is a banquet to celebrate the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, devotees gather for a sumptuous meal and help out in the auction that is for charitable causes. Over the loud chatter and laughter, the Nine Emperor Gods Festival gathers devotees together to bond, celebrate and give back to society at the same time. As a result, praying for good health, fortune, and prosperity for one and everyone else.

Text and Photos by Team Jiu Huang Dian 2016  (Caroline Cho, Tan Zi Jie, Teo Zhewei, Rick Yang, Zheng Wenjie)

Team Leader:  Lin Chia Tsun

Our very sincere thanks to the committee of Yu Feng Jiu Huang Dian temple for their support and assistance during our documentation project.

The Project Team (through the Principal Investigator) and the National Heritage Board of Singapore own the rights to the photos and photo essays on this website unless stated otherwise.

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